More than 30 years developing and implementing robotized solutions in the most demanding processes

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Marina Vela

Our Taylor made solutions always made us proud and show the potential of our team and how we deal with challenges. In marina vela, in the Barcelona harbor, IDASA created an automatic dry marina capable of storing up to 220 boats, with 1 single operator and deliver a boat to the sea every 7 minutes.
Come and see it by yourself!


Customer Service

Our team is committed assist to our customer to its high level of expectations.

IDASA connected services

In IDASA we understand the urgency to minimize downtimes. Hence, we offer a series of services to remotely give you our assistance 100% remotely.

Preventive maintenance

Since the beginning of our history, IDASA has focused on a preventive maintenance rather than on reactive one.

ROSMIMAN is the leading software to completely control the maintenance and spare parts of our customer’s equipment.

Training and On-site support

We offer our customers trainings on our equipment both on-site or on our own premises.

Spare parts

Our team helps our customers to find the best spare parts for their automations. Contact us!

Retrofit, Relocation and equipment set-up

Flexibility and adaptability have always been in our DNA. Our team can help you to retrofit, upgrade or relocate used equipment.

Over 30 years
innovating in the sector


Our engineering team can help you to precisely define your requirements in the areas of automation and robotics. Get in touch with us!

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